I’ll never forget my first time in Spain

Backpacking along the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.

I was there for 27 days that time, I think it was, and one of those days

Was July 4.

I was writing each day in a journal while I was there, and it was a really strange feeling when the 4th of July arrived and it was just another day.

There was no sense of excitement in the air; no parades; no barbecues; no fireworks; no nothing special.

I think it was that day when my friend, Tom, and I had lunch at a bar in some little town, and everyone was watching a Formula One race on TV.

Really strange.

Today, I just finished my morning routine and as I sit here at my laptop writing these words, looking out the window of my little office at home, the day just feels a little different.

Anyone else notice that?

I was writing in another journal just a little while ago and I thought about what a great life I really have.

Such freedom.

I can literally do anything I want today

Within reason, of course.

But pretty much, the day is mine.

I woke up in a comfortable bed alongside a woman who loves me; listened to some positive and spiritual messages on a ridiculously expensive cell phone that is connected with something called wireless Internet that comes from somewhere; made a nice, large cup of coffee; sat on the couch in the living room of my cozy little house surrounded by trees out in the quiet countryside (future development is headed this way, but never mind); and we’re going to head down to the gym for a workout here in a few minutes. After that … whatever we want …

What a blessing it is to live in this wonderful country, ain’t it?

Sure, it’s a little screwed up right now — maybe a lot screwed up, but it sure beats the hell out of a lotta other places.

Have a great day, y’all.

God bless America.

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