Walking is one of the best fundamental, all-around forms of exercise

That anybody can do.



No gym membership; no fancy equipment needed.

According to studies, taking a 10-mninute walk every day improves heart health for otherwise sedentary adults.

10 minutes!!!

Not only that, your bones get stronger, mood improves, sleep quality improves, energy levels increase.

All that from a leisurely stroll around the block?

Well, hey, it’s sure better than nothing, ain’t it?

Of course, the more strenuous your walking, and the longer time and distance you walk, the more benefit you will reap.

And, as always, if you have health issues, talk to your doctor before beginning walking or any other type of exercise program.

But walking — simple walking — has so many benefits.

When I was in Spain the first time, backpacking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, we walked 12-15 miles a day, on average. I think the longest day we had was 18 miles. Maybe 22 miles one day.

It was grueling sometimes, and there was pain involved now and then, especially when I got a really nasty blister on the ball of my left foot that did not heal for a week.

But it was during that time that I met a woman from Denmark who explained how the human body is designed for walking, which makes a lot of sense, when you think about it.

“The body loves to walk,” she said, smiling, as we trudged along some pathway somewhere in northern Spain.

It really does.

Walking long distance like that, you sort of let your mind go blank and go on autopilot. One foot in front of the other, like cruise control. And soon, you’re not even thinking about walking anymore. Your body just sort of takes over and it becomes like a walking meditation.

Really cool stuff …

Try it.


You might like it.

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