Do you feel like you are in a rut or you’ve hit a sticking point in your fitness?

Do you feel like your best days fitness-wise are behind you?

Or maybe:

You’re stuck and can’t get back on the fitness bandwagon?

Well, you are in Luck!

We’re gonna solve your problem together in a healthy way that fits your lifestyle.


 “Finally Fit: It’s Never Too Late To Achieve A Dream”

About The Book

In this inspiring book, FINALLY FIT will help you to:

Overcome fear

Seek out mentors

Make better food choices

Establish motivation and discipline

✅ Find your WHY for seeking better health

Save thousands of dollars in medical costs because of better health!

✅ Transform your fitness and REJUVENATE your life

How to save a ton of time with quick, efficient workouts

Get your mojo back!


                           …and much, MUCH more!

Now that’s a tall promise and at this point you may be wondering…

Who Is John Clark And Why Should I Listen To Him?

John Clark is an award-winning journalist, author, freelance writer, photographer, and athlete whose accomplishments include:


Graduate of The University of Houston Journalism School

Work History:

Houston Post sportswriter and agate clerk

Temple Daily Telegram news and sports reporter

Freelance journalist and published author

Teaching jobs:

Belton Independent School district junior high reading teacher

Copperas Cove Independent School District junior high English Language Arts teacher

Awards, titles and designations:

Gold medal winner in Masters pole vaulting at Oklahoma Senior Games

Qualified for 2019 National Senior Games

Best-selling non-fiction author on Amazon

First place Associated Press award for spot news coverage

First place South Texas Press Association winner for humorous column writing

Other books

Peace of Mind

How to be happy and positive in troubled times

The 30-Day Optimism Solution:

How to Change from Pessimist to Optimist in 30 Days or Less

Everyday Heroes:

 Stories about Ordinary Americans Doing Extraordinary Things

Simple Truth:

You are Enough – Learn to Love Yourself as You Deserve!

But don’t take my word for it, take a look at some of the book reviews I’ve gotten:

“This book is a good story of one who rose out of adversity through ‘pulling himself up by his bootstraps’ and by reaching out and accepting help from others. It’s a story, with lessons that all of us can apply in some way to our own lives. Well done John Clark!”

 “Along with a familiar story of his youth, and the blues which accompany leaving school athletics, John shares the process in which he went from your typical 60-year-old male to a nationally ranked Masters athlete.  He aims to inspire others to get off the couch, find something exciting, make goals, listen to their bodies and feel the positive energy derived from the movement, and a positive group environment.”

“John Clark’s story is so inspiring! Quick, interesting and easy read that will really encourage you!”

and these...

“His story is refreshing and leaves the reader with the exhilarating feeling that they too…can be an overcomer.”

“To anyone of middle-age or older who has ever felt stuck in a lifestyle rut, battling depression, low self-worth, hopelessness, and with no aspirations except to feel better, Finally Fit shows us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a way out… John takes us on a brief tour of significant moments in his life that caused him to arrive in a sort of purgatory, and the process of how, with the help of a mentor, he was able to steer his life to a heading with goals, success, and satisfaction.”

“I feel inspired to be more physically active and even more inspired to fulfill dreams that I thought it was ‘too late’ for in my life. If you’re needing some motivation to DO something in your life, whatever it may be, read this book. I believe it will motivate you, it certainly motivated me.”

and this one...

“Finally fit will help you to achieve a higher level of success in your business and life. Inspiration and insights that transform.”

“I was running out of time”

I was an overweight, self-loathing schoolteacher about to turn 60 years old. Despondent and depressed at the idea of becoming a sexagenarian, I was absolutely PANICKED at the possibility that the time I had left to fulfill my biggest dreams was running out – and running out FAST. 

Instead of buying a sports car I couldn’t afford—in a feeble attempt to reassert my fading masculinity —or joining a gym like many do with the hopes of shedding a few pounds, I chose something a lot more outrageous … POLE VAULTING!

“I had to prove everyone wrong”

With absolutely no track and field experience whatsoever, I challenged my beat up, neglected body to do something that many would consider silly, outrageous, or even downright dangerous for a man of my age — and in my condition. But I rejected the notion that it was too late in life and proved all doubters and naysayers wrong.

“It is NEVER EVER too late to live a dream”

What did I do? I VAULTED my way over the hill, becoming a gold medal-winning Masters athlete and certified personal trainer. I set new goals, resurrected long-abandoned dreams, and found a new zest for life. All in just two short years! You’re never too old, and it’s never too late to do something that inspires you

So, as you can see, John Clark is uniquely qualified to help you understand everything you need to know about recapturing your health and looking inside of yourself to overcome adversity and achieve your goals, especially if you’re someone who needs to get back in shape or take back control of their life but can’t seem to figure out how to do it!


Finally Fit: It’s Never Too Late To Achieve A Dream

That’s the aim of the book. I want to inspire you to achieve your own version of greatness. For me, it was pole vaulting. For you, it may be running, cycling or swimming. Maybe even powerlifting.

BUT… Here’s The #1 Reason You Should Buy This Book

The #1 Reason!
Is because is NEVER TOO LATE to achieve what you put your mind to achieving.


It CAN be done. I’ve done it. I went from “couch to cup-winner” and completely transformed my attitude, my health and MY LIFE!


Understand this: taking action and being persistent is important, especially in a world where we expect things to occur quickly. But we didn’t get out of shape overnight, so we won’t get back in shape overnight either.


I show you how I did it.


And YOU CAN do it too!


In this book, you’ll not only learn about:


Hard Work


Making a Plan of Action

Having a VISION before, during and AFTER your transformation


Choosing your “vehicle” to recapture your health


Injuries: How to avoid, and what to do if they happen


The MINDSET for Success

So, If you feel like you’re RUNNING OUT OF TIME…


…and you want to recapture your fitness and “PROVE THE NAYSAYERS WRONG”


I WILL show you how it is absolutely NEVER TOO LATE to LIVE A DREAM!


And It is Never too late to take care of your body


So what’s the first step?


Well, BUYING the book of course!