I read something recently about carbohydrates getting a bad name.

You know, carbs are evil. Carbs make you fat. If you wanna lose weight, quit eating carbs.

Well …

I’m not one of those on the anti-carb bandwagon.

Carbs are part of the equation, but only part.

Losing weight = cutting back on total calories, not just carbs.

Of course, there are carbs you want to stay away from as much as possible:

  • Fast-food items
  • Sugary stuff
  • Prepared, processed foods

No scientific explanation really necessary for those things.

That stuff just ain’t good for ya.

For all kinds of reasons.

But carbs themselves are not the problem. There are lots of “good” carbs that you can and should include in your daily nutrition.

Good carbs give you energy, provide fiber for your digestive system, and help maintain consistent blood sugar levels.

Here is a diagram I found showing good carbs: