For about a week or two recently

I wasn’t feeling up to par when I got out of bed in the morning.

Nothing too bad but definitely noticeable.

Just kinda tired and sluggish; not very excited about the coming day.

This was perfectly normal for me at one time, but since I started my new morning routine 140-something days ago, my attitude and outlook on life has improved a whole lot.

So what the heck was it?

What I started doing earlier this year was listening to positive messages on my phone first thing in the morning; then listening to “happy music” while I brush my teeth, go to the bathroom, and take a shower; listening to another positive message and writing in a journal, including three things I AM grateful for that day; and then doing a little meditation. All this beginning as soon as I wake up — no looking at e-mail or Facebook or the latest news or thinking about what I needed to do that day or any of that.

And it was working great. Made a huge difference in my mindset.

But then things began to change.

I thought maybe my morning routine had gotten stale and I needed to mix it up a little. So I tried adding a morning walk to the beginning part of the routine, but that didn’t really work out … and then I realized something.

Instead of grabbing my phone off the headboard and starting a positive message as soon as I woke up, I had started looking at e-mail, or text messages, the news headlines or Facebook posts, all that good stuff — before turning on a positive message. And I also had quit listening to “happy music” and skipping the shower sometimes.

My routine had not gotten stale.

I had stopped doing what worked.

So now, I’m back to doing the entire routine again, and guess what?

Yep … the tired and sluggish feeling in the morning is gone again, and I’m feeling pretty damn good.

Positive morning routine.

I highly recommend it.

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