OK, lately I’ve been eating kinda like a garbage disposal.

Anything and everything — almost.

Plenty of stuff I know I shouldn’t be eating but like anything else, you can slip right into some bad habits so damn easy.

I’ve got to get a handle on it and drop that last 20 pounds that I want to lose, and that means eating right. Yesterday, I had a big bowl of this really awesome chili I made, which in and of itself ain’t bad at all, really, but then I had four big ol’ biscuits to go with it. Not just a nice yummy biscuit, but FOUR!!!

C’mon, man …

Anyway, so here’s a list of “good things to eat” that I found while browsing around one morning awhile back, and I’m going to incorporate some of these going forward, as I quit eating so much bread — English muffins, oh yeah — and other stuff that I love to eat but doesn’t love me back.

  • Spinach: a heart-healthy and not-bad-at-all leafy green that measures 7 calories a cup, raw.
  • Mushrooms: good stuff, man. I love me some mushrooms. Throw some in your scrambled eggs with some cheese and salsa. Stir fry some with a little olive oil. Ohhhh, yeah … and 9.5 calories in a half-cup, raw.
  • Kale: uh, maybe on this one. I don’t know. Maybe add some of these weird stuff into a salad with some chopped almonds, feta cheese, mushrooms, purple onion. I could do that. Six calories a cup, raw.
  • Celery: smear with peanut butter or cream cheese. Pretty good stuff; nice and crunchy. 6 calories a stick, raw.
  • Broth: a nice, warm cup of beef broth or chicken broth is pretty darn good, and surprisingly satisfying. 5.5 calories a half-cup.
  • Cucumber: 8 calories a half-cup.

So that’s it.

Just a few ways to clean things up a little bit and get back on track.

Happy eating!