I love sweets.

Sweets don’t love me, but I love them.

Oh, I see now what they mean about having a relationship with food.

OK, I get it …

Anyway, I started a concentrated effort about a week ago to stop shoveling sugar down my throat, clean up my eating habits again, and get back to reaching my goal weight of 185 pounds.

I’ve done a good job with it and am getting back on track, but I still like sweets.

Probably always will.

The difference right now is, I’m doing much better at resisting temptation.

However …

There are times when a little something sweet — and healthy — is awful nice.

A while back, I came across a really cool recipe for nearly sugar-free oatmeal cookies. Here are the ingredients:

  • Two over-ripe bananas
  • A cup or so of old-fashioned oats.
  • A quarter cup or so of semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Those are approximate measurements. The last time I made these, I just eye-balled everything.

So you take the mushy bananas, put them in a bowl, and use a fork to smash ’em all up and stir ’em around until they’re nice and smooth and creamy. Then you add the oats and mix it all together; then add the semi-sweet chocolate chips. I put the whole thing in the refrigerator for a while to firm it up, then heat the oven to 350, line a pan with non-stick foil, and scoop small handfuls of “dough” out of the bowl, form it into cookies with your hands, and bake for about 20 minutes.

Let them cool and eat.

Last time, I added some raisins, and also sprinkled them with a little cinnamon after they baked and put a thin pat of butter on top.

Pretty darn good stuff, man.