Getting enough protein each day can be a challenge for older folks.

Protein is important for a number of reasons: keeping muscles and bones strong; recovery from injury and illness; reducing the chance of a devastating accidental fall.

Part of the reason seniors don’t get enough protein is because their appetite decreases over time. I know, for me, I just can’t eat as much as I used to. Back in the day, I could wolf down an entire large pizza. Now, three or four slices and I’m stuffed. Two slices is probably enough, but, you know, pizza is good!

So here are a few ways to get more protein with your meals:

Eat eggs for breakfast: sure, cereal is good. I enjoy a nice, big bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch as much as anybody who loves Raisin Bran Crunch, but eggs are a much better alternative. Have a couple scrambled or fried eggs — or even boiled eggs — more often than not, and save the cereal for once a week, maybe twice at the most.

Add seasonings and sauce to your food: back in the day, I used to eat boiled chicken breast nearly every day, along with rice and green beans. Would I eat that stuff now? Maybe once in a while, but on a regular basis? I highly doubt it. Now, take one of those chicken breasts, slice it up, mix it in with some rice and gravy, and I’m all in. See what I mean?

High protein snacks: Instead of cookies or a bowl of ice cream, try some yogurt. How about crackers with slices of cheese? Apple slices with peanut butter. Deviled eggs. Those are just a few ideas.

You can do it!

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