Meditation has helped me learn to much better manage my thoughts.

Especially all the negative thoughts that used to barge on in all the time and make themselves comfortable.

Now, I’m able to recognize those thoughts when they come knocking. See them when they arrive and tell them to go away. Don’t want you here.

I knew about meditation for a long time, but never did it consistently at all. Not even close.

Then the first of this year, I started having major anxiety and panic attacks, and so I adopted a new morning routine that includes meditation, and it has worked wonders for me.

There are all kinds of reasons for meditating, but since this is a fitness blog, let’s talk about meditation for weight loss, shall we …

Basically, what it can do is to sort of re-program the subconscious mind to be more positive toward yourself and developing new habits. It’s not magic, but with regular practice, daily meditation can help with exercise, motivation, and changing eating habits. You can become more aware of your thoughts and the reasons why you do the unhealthy things that you do.

Or don’t do the healthy things that you know you should do.

Most all meditations start with having you relax, close your eyes, and concentrate on your breath. This basically is designed to focus your mind on one thing, instead of having it wander around all over the place.

I learned a deep-breathing technique that I like to use, which is breathe in deeply through the nose. As deeply as you can and then hold it briefly, and blow it out slowly through your mouth, with your lips tightly pursed together, sort of like you’re slowly blowing out a candle on a cake or something. Keep blowing until you completely run out of breath and you feel your abdominal muscle tighten. Do this about 10 times and what happens is, it sends a signal to your central nervous system to relax. It really works.

What I do in the mornings is find a guided meditation on my phone, sit on the couch, and listen to it. Doesn’t have to be long. I’ve done 20 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes.

There are guided meditations on all kinds of topics: stress, worry, anxiety, fear, energy, depression, positive mindset, weight loss, and the list goes on.

Give it a try!

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