During my morning routine every day, I listen to various positive messages.

Yesterday, I ran across one during a random search on my cell phone that got my attention.

It was about the 10 most important human values. I don’t know who was speaking, but he said everything we think, everything we feel, and every action we take is affected by our personal values, whether we realize it or not.

“Your values shape your decisions,” he said, “and you decisions shape your life.”

Makes sense to me.

So what are the 10 most important human values?

  • Happiness: basically just choosing to be happy, not so serious, playful.
  • Family, friendship, and connection: putting others’ happiness above your own
  • Peace: getting to a place of needing nothing; the silence at the top of the mountain
  • Growth: learning; achieving; making mistakes
  • Giving: serving selflessly; giving of yourself
  • Integrity: doing the right thing when no one else is around
  • Kindness and compassion: not being judgmental
  • Love: not just romantic love, but love of family and friends; loving the things you do every day
  • Gratitude and appreciation: these shut down negative emotions. It’s impossible to be unhappy and grateful at the same time.
  • Health and energy: allows you to experience and enjoy everything else.

So, out of all those 10 things, your health should be a no. 1 priority.

Learn what it will take to achieve and maintain good health — and do it.

And let me know if you need help or have any questions!