Now where did I put that damn motivation to get my ass to the gym for a workout?

That stuff is always getting lost, I swear …

The truth is, motivation comes and goes.

Some days, it’s pretty easy to find; some days, not so much.

For those times it seems impossible, here are a few ideas:

  • Remember your “why.” Why are you really¬†doing this? What is the big reason? Why is it important? Focus on your goal(s).
  • Find an accountability partner. Ask a friend or someone you know from the gym if they’re interested in having a workout partner. Having someone else counting on you to show up can help keep you on track.
  • Improve your daily nutrition. Maintaining good eating habits can energize you, physically and mentally.

So there you go — short and sweet.

Motivation is not always going to automatically be there.

It’s a learned behavior.

You can do it!