One of the most common concerns about exercise is not having enough time.

I get it, for sure.

Especially as you get older, when you DO have some spare time, you wanna relax, right?

Not lace up some sneakers and head to the gym or whatever.

Well, listen.

Can you find 30 minutes to spare for exercise?

I think the answer to that has gotta be, yes.

C’mon, 30 minutes!!!

All my clients at the gym do two 30-minute strength-training workouts a week. We may actually go 35 minutes or so, and when you add in some stretching or balance exercise at the end, it’s closer to 40 minutes. But still …

What we do is a form of circuit training, which is when you keep moving from exercise to exercise, with little to no rest, except to catch your breath, if needed, and to grab a quick drink of water.

For example, I like to combine push and pull exercises. Do one set (10 repetitions) of chest press, either on a machine or with dumbbells, then immediately move to a back exercise, like lat pulldowns. Go back and forth between these two exercises for three sets each.

Another good “super set” combination is back and biceps: do 10 reps of cable low row, followed by biceps curls with dumbbells. Three sets each, back to back to back.

Combine dumbbell shoulder press with kettle bell squat. Step-ups with triceps press. Keep moving the entire time.

You can pack a great, full-body workout into 30 minutes, easy.

Give it a try!

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