I got a message a couple days ago from a young man in my private Facebook group.

When he and I first connected back in November, I think it was, he said he was having trouble getting started with an exercise program. When he messaged me the other day, he said he was still having the same trouble. He said he lives in an apartment complex with a workout room nearby, but he just can’t make himself get down there and use it.

He told me that he was talking with a friend about this, and his friend told him he had the same issue, and it was because of depression, and he just had to push through it so he could get the exercise he knew he needed for self-care.

He asked me if I had any suggestions.

I told him his friend is right on track. Sometimes, you just have to push through it. Even if you don’t want to go, you just have to drag yourself down there and do it. I suggested 20 minutes on the treadmill, or 20 minutes on the exercise bike to get the ball rolling. Just get down there and do something.

It occurred to me this morning that it’s not always that simple.

Depression is a serious issue. I know, because I struggle with it myself.

For some people, maybe a lot of people, medication is the answer. I’ve been told that finding the right anti-depressant is like a miracle.

Sometimes, counseling helps. There are other treatments, as well.

For me, anti-depressants never worked. I tried four different kinds and never noticed any difference. Maybe I never found the right one.

Several attempts at counseling never did the trick, either, until I found a therapist I connected with several years ago. Those seven months of weekly sessions got me started on the road to where I am today.

And then there is my new positive morning routine, which has had amazing results.

As far as “pushing through it,” you don’t necessarily have to have depression to suffer from lack of motivation. If you think you do have depression, the first step is to see a doctor, and go from there. Don’t be afraid to tell him or her exactly what is going on. Chances are pretty good they’ve heard it all before, and they need to know details to help you out.

If what you’re suffering is lack of motivation, that’s another story.

This morning, I thought about what that young man said, and I realized that I completely neglected a part of his message — the part about the depression. So I sent him another message today with some suggestions about that.

Like I said, if it’s true depression, he might need some professional help.

If it’s a lack of motivation, I get that, too.

I have a video in my Facebook group, Fitness over 50, that talks about motivation and mindset. Here’s a link. Check it out!