Something a lot of people neglect is building their core strength.

You know, core.

Your torso.

The part of your body everything else connects to. Sounds important, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s because it is.

Here’s one definition of core:

“The part of something that is central to its existence.”

Like I said — important.

Your core muscles support all the other muscles in your body. Whether you know it or not,

Your core muscles play a huge role in your everyday activities, from getting out of bed, to walking down the street, and bending over to grab your purse, and perhaps most importantly, they literally help you stand upright.

Weak core muscles that don’t support the rest of the body adequately can lead to things like lower back pain and injury, knee pain, hip problems, posture issues, all kinds of things.

Here are some exercises you can do to strengthen your core:

Sit-ups; crunches (basically a reverse sit-up); bicycles (lay on your back, knees bent, feet in the air, pump the pedals); planks (assume a pushup position, but rest your weight on your forearms and on your toes, body in a straight line, hold for one minute).

You can do it!

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