Last night, I got home from a meeting with friends

A little after 9 o’clock

And I was hungry.

I wanted to eat something

But I knew I really shouldn’t.

So I made a cup of tea and sipped on that while I watched some old TV re-runs and waited to get sleepy enough to go to bed.

After about a half-hour or so,

I started thinking about some honey-roasted cashews I knew were in the pantry.

I damn near got up and got those things

But I didn’t.

A little after 10, my Tylenol PMs had started to kick in, and I decided to go on to bed before I gave in to temptation.

This morning, when I stepped on the scales, another pound down. That’s five pounds in the past four days, from cleaning up my eating habits just a little. Eating more quality stuff, cutting out those late-night snacks, and not eating every time I get a little hungry.

It’s pretty simple, really.

Notice I said simple — not easy.

It would have been easy to stroll on in there and get that can of cashews and probably eat most of them.

I’m glad I didn’t.

One day at a time …

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