Over the years, I have tried lots of different diets and nutrition plans.




Intermittent fasting.

Five to six small meals throughout the day.

Fasting once or twice a week.

All of those things work, but I don’t do any of them anymore, so obviously they didn’t stick for the long haul.

I think I may have mentioned this before, but one of my friends likes to point out that the first three letters of the word diet are … die. His philosophy on eating is simple: he eats pretty much anything he wants, but when he starts feeling full, he stops eating. Doesn’t keep shoveling it in just because it tastes good.

Another friend years ago told me his secret to losing weight was this: “If it comes out of a window, I don’t eat it.” Meaning he gave up fast food.

For me, I don’t follow any specific plan anymore. I’ve lost around 45 pounds over the past four years and I eat pretty healthy most of the time, but I also enjoy a Whataburger once in a while. I like pizza sometimes. Chicken tenders with cream gravy and fried okra. Mexican food.

I just don’t eat that stuff all the time.

One thing I struggle with quite a bit is a sweet tooth. My dear mother was a sweets fiend and I guess I inherited that from her. Thanks, Mama!

I try and avoid sugar and sugary stuff as much as possible, but sometimes I’ll still have some Bluebell ice cream, or a big piece of carrot cake, maybe some cherry pie, or a couple large chocolate chip cookies and almond milk.

Hey, you only live once, man …

But, again, I don’t eat that stuff all the time.

Moderation — a word that does not always fit well in my vocabulary — is the key.

Now, since I am a professional health guy, it is my duty and obligation to offer some advice to those of you who also crave the sweet stuff. Here are some snacking and dessert alternatives:

One thing I like to have is apple slices with peanut butter (crunchy).

Cut up some strawberries and a banana, and sprinkle with Truvia. Throw in a few blueberries.

A cup of yogurt with fruit in it.

Piece of toast with peanut butter and sugar-free strawberry preserves.

Dark chocolate with almonds.

There are others, but those are my go-to treats.

You don’t have to completely deprive yourself to eat healthy. In fact, depriving yourself in really not a great idea.

Remember, moderation is the key.