I read an article the other day about improving one’s relationship with food.

For heaven’s sake, you mean there’s another relationship I have to work on?

I didn’t even know I had a damn “relationship” with food!

OK, sorry, I’m listening …

According to this article, a government study (you mean someone actually studied this?) revealed the average person spends two-and-a-half hours a day eating.

I guess that qualifies as a relationship.

And more than half of that eating time is done while watching TV, working, playing on the phone, reading, etc.

Eating while doing these other things, the study says, means we aren’t paying enough attention to what we are eating or how much.

Here’s what was suggested to improve that relationship with food and improve our eating habits:

  • Before you take that first bite, think about what you’re eating, where the food came from, and how it was prepared.
  • Think about why you’re eating what you’re eating. What purpose does it serve? Is it good for you? For your body? Your health and fitness goals?
  • Slow down, chew, taste and savor your food. Having quality food to eat is a blessing and something to be grateful for, isn’t it?
  • Pay attention to when you start to feel full. I have a friend who stays in great shape, and he eats anything and everything he wants. The only thing he does is, when he starts to feel full, he stops eating.
  • Notice how you feel an hour or two after you eat. If you were satisfied an hour or two ago, and now you’re hungry again, chances are you were not eating a good balance of nutritious foods.

Now, go work on that food relationship.

One meal at a time.

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