Weekend coming up.

You’ve done a good job with your exercise and nutrition this week, but now it’s time to let loose a little bit. Have some fun. Go out to EAT.

I’m down four pounds in four weeks as of this morning’s weigh-in. There have been fluctuations all along the way, but a solid four pounds is not too bad. Question is, what will be the grand total on Monday?

Will I screw it up and lose ground (again) this weekend?

If you’re in the same boat, here are a few simple ideas for Saturday and Sunday:

  • Fast in the morning, to keep your overall calorie count from spilling over the edge by the end of the day. Think about it. Do you really need to eat breakfast as soon as you get up? Drink some water, go for a walk, and hold off for a few hours before you eat, or skip breakfast altogether — unless you have medical issues that won’t allow this, of course.
  • Get in a good workout. Get the ol’ metabolism moving to help burn off some of that deliciousness you’re going to have later.
  • Pick one: go ahead and reward yourself for all your hard work this week, just don’t overdo it. How about one reward meal, instead of an all-day or all-weekend binge?

You only live once.

Life is meant to be enjoyed,

And good food is part of it, am I right?

So make it a great weekend.

Have some fun!

Just be sensible about it.​

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